Why aren't my students available in Nextera Admin according to their instructional classes?

For the 2018 CBT administration, we loaded students according to grade-level enrollment and not according to instructional classes (i.e., according to the SIRS Staff_Student_Course template). All students in a grade-level were loaded into one "bucket" or class container on Nextera Admin so that schools can arrange students into virtual classes that best fit their CBT administration. Schools are not required to use separate classes--they can rename the pre-populated class in Nextera Admin and use one "class" for CBT administration or arrange students into different classes. Schools can add a new user with the "teacher" role to this pre-populated class to be the technical proctor. 

We did not load teachers this year to Nextera Admin. Schools can determine the exact users to will be created in Nextera Admin for access for CBT "classes" or testing locations. Only users who will be monitoring Nextera Admin during computer-based testing administration need to have accounts with the "teacher" role in Nextera Admin. 

You will find the following pre-populated class data on the CLASSES page in Nextera Admin for your school:

  • The pre-populated class name is "PRE ID + Grade Level," such as "PRE ID 03"
  • The teacher name is "District Name + School Name"
  • The grade level reflects the students' grade level within the pre-populated "class" on Nextera Admin

The following is an example for how pre-populated data may look for your school on the CLASSES page in Nextera Admin: 

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