How can my school order the Test Read accommodation in CBT for my grade?

Schools will make test-format decisions for offering the test-read accommodations in grades that order CBT on an eligible student-by-student basis. The test-read accommodation can be provided to the eligible student either by selecting Text-to-Speech (TTS) through the Nextera Admin system (during test administration setup in the spring) or by ordering printed “test read booklets” in the NYSED online examination request system. 

When ordering CBT for a grade, the school should enter the number of students that are testing in that grade. If your school has students who are to receive the accommodation of test read by human reader with printed test booklets, the school should also order “Test Read Booklets” for those students when submitting the school’s exam request in the NYSED online examination request system.

Text-to-Speech will be available for all CBT ELA and math grade levels, beginning in the 2016-17 test administration.

Please reference the following two memos for more information: