Secure Browser Practice Test Logins, 2018

The updated 2018 Secure Browser practice tests are now available. You can locate examples of the new usernames and PDFs with login lists for ELA and math in the following articles on CBT Support: 

The updated practice tests for 2018 are the same practice tests available in the online Question Sampler. The updated Secure Browser practice tests include all of the enhancements to the Nextera Test Delivery System/Secure Browser for 2018 as well as the following additional practice tests:

  • Three practice tests for Text-to-Speech in ELA and math
  • The new alternate language practice tests, three for each grade level in math for the five alternate languages:
    • Chinese (Traditional), Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, and Spanish
  • Three practice tests for the CBT testing accommodation Initial Zoom in ELA and math (set at 150%)

The Secure Browser practice tests allow students to experience computer-based testing in the same environment they will use for  operational CBT this spring. All students should be familiar with the Nextera Secure Browser online tools and navigation before sitting for the operational computer-based tests this spring.

Protip: If you receive an error when trying to log in with the new practice test logins, and you copied and pasted the username or password, you may have inadvertently copied in an extra space. Try typing in the username and password to troubleshoot the issue!