Getting Started Tips: I am new to CBT, where do I begin?

We want to welcome all new CBT schools to the computer-based testing administration each. In order to make sure all our new schools are comfortable and confident in organizing a successful CBT administration in the spring, we've created the below list of  administration steps, articles, and resources on CBT Support that can help your school.

How to Get Started in the Nextera Administration System

  1. Consult Appendix Y in the School Administrator's Manual for guidance on how to navigate Nextera Admin. (For CBT Field Testing, consult Appendix L in the SAM for Computer-Based Field Testing.)
  2. Create accounts for additional users in the school who will help you to administer CBT.
  3. Set your students' testing accommodations.
  4. Consider if you want to organize your students for testing into groups/classes or keep them all in one container. 
    • Consider if you want to place any students who are not taking the CBT exams into a "Not Tested" class container (so you an focus only on the students who are testing in Nextera Admin). 
  5. Make sure you are using the Chrome browser, and then navigate to the TESTS>Tests page to print student login tickets for your classes. 
  6. Locate your Proctor PIN at the very bottom left (keep scrolling!) of the Nextera Admin homepage.
  7. Assemble your testing classes' secure testing materials to distribute to proctors on the morning of the field tests. 

The above assumes that your school technology coordinator has already prepared student testing devices by downloading and installing the Questar Secure Browser. All students will test on computer by accessing the Nextera Test Delivery System, which launches as an application within the Questar Secure Browser. 

Nextera Admin Information

Preparing for Technology

Students Should Use the Practice Tests

  • The Question Sampler is a practice environment that closely resembles the Nextera Test Delivery system. For the best results using the Question Sampler, please use the Google Chrome Browser.
  • For the best simulated practice of the Nextera testing platform, use the Nextera Secure Browser practice tests.
    • Three practice tests are available for both ELA and math.
    • Practice tests are available for all CBT testing accommodations.
    • Practice tests are available for alternate languages available for CBT math.
      • Only Spanish is available at an alternate language option for CBT field testing.

Communication: Stay Informed about CBT!


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